28 April 2008

How do birds get their name.......

Here are a pair of blue-winged teal preening and exposing the blue patches that give them their name.
In breeding season, the colors are also more vibrant.

Purple Finch Madness

22 April 2008

Wood Duck Invasion
This is the time of year where the wood ducks arrive and hang out as a group.

Wood ducks on ice

Wood ducks on wood

Wood ducks on the feeder

Wood ducks on the wood duck house

Wood ducks everywhere!

19 April 2008

Tiptoe in the Treetops

A Great Egret negotiates the top of a dead tree.
A beautiful reason to keep a few dead trees standing.

03 April 2008

Spring into youth!

It wasn't that long ago a certain someone was hanging from the branches - enjoy your day!

01 April 2008

Is winter over in Minnesota?

Waking up on April Fool's Day