31 May 2008

'Princess Kay' plum tree

One of the first trees to bloom in the spring are the plum trees.
Princess Kay is a double flowered selection of Canadian wild plum, (Prunus nigra) discovered by Catherine (Kay) and Robert Nyland in the wild in Itasca County, Minnesota.

The orioles fought over control of the tree as they must value the nectar.

A butterfly sneeks in for its share.

30 May 2008

The new finch in town

Everyone is noticing visits to their feeders of the indigo buntings. Pretty hard not to notice when a male shows up in his spring colors.

Almost overshadows our regular goldfinches who don't look too shabby themselves.

26 May 2008

Sure sign of spring

The arrival of the orioles

May in Minnesota has been cold attracting lots of orioles to the feeder. Here are five males gathered around the feeder.

This is a first year male - not as brightly colored as the older males.

12 May 2008

By Water's Edge

A young buck

Male wood duck in all his glory

10 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day

The Art of Barb Ryan

On view today, amongst the beautiful surrounding in the gardens of Kelley & Kelley, were various fun bird creations by Barb Ryan.

"Blue Owl"



03 May 2008

Not the usual suspects

The cold weather this morning brought some different birds to the hanging feeder.
A white-throated sparrow and yellow-rumped warbler share sunflower seeds.

More of the yellow-rumped which normally eats insects but resorts to eating at the bird feeders when the cold puts a damper on the amount of insects available.

02 May 2008

More Hawks
Red-shouldered Hawk on nest

Immature Red-tailed Hawk