29 June 2008

Flowers on steroids


'Lemon Meringue'

25 June 2008

The Minnehaha Steamboat shuttles passengers to Big Island for the first time in over 80 years

The Minnehaha was built in 1905 ferrying passengers around Lake Minnetonka until the automobile's popularity put the steamboat out of business. It was dismantled in 1926 and sunk to the bottom of the lake. In 1990 an ambitious group raised the hull and after 6 years of restoration work, the Minnehaha returned to service Lake Minnetonka.

The steam engine in the center of the boat which was originally fueled by coal and is now run with diesel

The Minnehaha returning to dock at Big Island where is used to ferry passengers over 80 years ago.

22 June 2008

Flowers with some power

Virginia bluebells

Honeysuckle vine

21 June 2008

Summer solstice at Baker Park

Trumpeter swans with cygnets

Young deer by the trail

17 June 2008

Views we live for in Minnesota - Noerenberg Gardens

Picture perfect day on Lake Minnetonka

Taken from the historic boathouse in Norenberg Gardens

The azaleas are of the “Northern Lights” series, a Minnesota hybrid developed for bud-hardiness down to –35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Widely regarded as one of the finest formal gardens in Minnesota, Noerenberg Gardens was the lake estate of Grain Belt Brewery founder Frederick Noerenberg and his family. Noerenberg’s daughter Lora Noerenberg Hoppe bequeathed her family’s estate in 1972 with the directive that the house be razed and the estate be maintained as a garden for the public’s enjoyment.

15 June 2008

05 June 2008

Holy Hail!

Here is a 30 second video of some good-sized hail today in Minnesota.

03 June 2008

A Tale of Two Bridges

The original railroad trestle that evolved into a pedestrian bridge for the present rails-to-trails line.

Due to the addition of two highway lanes, the bridge was taken down and moved.
Here is the new longer bridge with its surrounding landscaping.

02 June 2008

Fern Gully

01 June 2008

Images along Interstate 35

Iowa Wind Farm

Missouri Welcome Center