28 July 2008

Cardinal Nest Action

The cardinal parents inspect their new family

24 July 2008

For the Turtle Lovers out there!

A painted turtle lays her eggs by the side of the road.
The eggs are under her back right leg.
Apparently turtles like the soft sand by the side of the road to nest.

Eggs are supposed to hatch between September and October.

Here's a turtle you don't mess with.

13 July 2008

Images along the new Trail

A rails-to-trails conversion is taking in western Hennepin County.
This fall, a 13 mile trail corridor will be open for pedestrian use.
Here is a sneak preview of a portion of the new trial.

Saunders Lake - one of the many lake views this trail offers

Scenes from the mini putt-putt.....


Crossing Seton Channel on Lake Minnetonka

11 July 2008

Cat Eyes

05 July 2008


04 July 2008

Happy Fourth

Daytime fireworks

Night time fireworks