22 August 2008

It is that time of year....

when the young ones get ready for the world....

with help from mom.

17 August 2008

Itasca State Park

Headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River,
starting as it flows from Lake Itasca

The beginning mile of the 2,340 miles of the Mississippi

The oldest white pine in Minnesota estimated to be over 300 years old

The base of the old pine

Lake Itasca

11 August 2008

The many poses of the great blue heron

the periscope view - looking around

the microscopic view - getting ready to stab at prey

tiptoeing through the muck -trying not to disturb the prey in the water

the stately pose - makes these birds always so fascinating to watch!

09 August 2008

Dog Days of Summer.....

......from the cat's point of view