28 October 2008

First Hard Frost

26 October 2008

Fleeting Fall Colors

Winds over 30 mph and snow flurries today are putting an end to our picturesque fall.
Here is a look back on some of the highlights.

The fiery orange of a sugar maple

The more subtle colors of the Long Lake Creek wetlands

Another sugar maple

Paul's Trail

19 October 2008

How do birds get their name.......

A cedar waxwing eating a berry off a red cedar tree.

This time of year, cedar waxwings feast on the ripened cedar berries. They are very fond of the cedar's berries working a tree for several days until all the fruit is gone.
As feeders, cedar waxwings are frugivorous, a zoological term meaning mostly fruit. Waxwings often wander in flocks in search of berries, leading a nomadic life.

Chasing down the berries with a little water

17 October 2008

Close Ups




12 October 2008

Fall Colors at Wood-Rill

Autumn in all its glory at Wood-Rill, a remnant of the Big Woods, a vast ecosystem that once covered 2,000 square miles of Minnesota.

Hardwoods form a dense canopy and lots of color.

Tamarack swamp

05 October 2008

More Dahlias

A few final exclamation points to the growing season.

The dahlia is the national flower of Mexico.

Plants imported to Europe in the 1800's were breed into the many different varieties that exist today.

They bloom from mid-summer until frost.