30 November 2008

End of November

The last images of the month showcase the herd of deer that appeared Thanksgiving morning.

This deer looks dressed for the town with a white bow-tie.

Say good-bye to the browns of November here in Minnesota.

23 November 2008

The Littlest Birds

Flocks of pine siskins have arrived from Canada in search of more abundant food.

Their natural routine is eating pine cones in Ontario although they are finding the thistle seed here in Minnesota to be awfully tasty and plentiful in the bird feeders.
Many people are reporting large flocks at their feeders.

18 November 2008

November Sunrise

13 November 2008

The other dogs in the wildhood

Rather secretive by day, a lone coyote circles the edge of the wetland.

Weighing about 30 to 45 pounds, they look like a slender German Shepherd.

09 November 2008

Common Milkweed

06 November 2008

A Day for Ducks

It is November in Minnesota...
a grey day on the lake

lots of ducks (American Wigeons) passing through

a few bright spots in an otherwise grey day is the garden at Norenberg on Lake Minnetonka

and the needles of a tamarack tree - a deciduous conifer