11 September 2009

Hummingbirds on the Defense

This time of year, Minnesota is full of hummingbirds migrating through on their way south. Often they will stay a few days and defend a food source.
This hummer is protecting......

........this feeder station and keeping others away.

Here is the silhouette of a hummer doing the natural thing and guarding a stand of flowers below .....

.....not just any flowers but Jewelweed, a favorite late summer food of hummingbirds.
A plant that truly grows like a weed in wetlands and pond edges,
Jewelweed (also known as the Spotted Touch-Me-Knot) is a natural nectar source for the migrating birds.

These plants are highly prized and the hummers will fight
over who owns these clumps of flowers.

A great plant to have in wetland buffers, Jewelweed
will easily shrivel and disappear with the first frost leaving very little
plant material to have to cut down or rake in the spring.

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