29 October 2009

Rock 'n Roll Nature

A Katydid pays homage to Lucinda Williams
who was recently married at the
First Avenue nightclub in Minneapolis.

19 October 2009

A muted fall

Finally after two weeks of rain, snow and cold weather, the sun is finally out.

Falls colors are not as vibrant as last year's display.

Still some green left at Wood-Rill

13 October 2009

Snow and Snowier

Light dusting on October 10th

A couple inches two days later!

Average date for the first snowfall in the Twin Cities
is around Mid-November but not
unusual to be getting some white with the fall colors.

Autumn Joy Sedum and Snow

02 October 2009

So above and below

Barred Owl

A proud man is always looking down on things and people;
and, of course, as long as you're looking down,
you can't see something that's above you.
-C.S. Lewis

Hornet's Nest