26 January 2010

The Contrast

 If you had to tend to a baby, which nesting situation would you choose?

A. In a den in Minnesota with subzero temps and snow on your back 
B. On a nest in California with bouts of rain and sun on your back 

Both these snaps shots from webcams illustrate 
the wonders of nature this time of year.
The birth of a cub and the hatch of hummingbirds both occurred last week 
in different parts of the country and in an absolute contrast of climates.
In addition to the obvious visual contrast,
the audio portions of the cams point out the differences of the two sites.
In the bear cam, one can hear chickadees calling, coyotes howling, sleet falling
but most often nothing but the quiet of the north woods in winter.
In the hummingbird's world, there is lots of birdsong, dogs barking,
leafblowers running, cars starting, people talking and rain falling.
The bear cub is creating its own audio show with its unique noises 
that signal its state of mind.

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