21 January 2010

The Mother of all Web Cams

Lily the Black Bear appears to be starting labor contractions
with over 9,000 viewers watching her on the internet.  
This is shaping up to be the biggest show ever in wildlife web cams. 
If she does have a cub or two, 
her new family will be the latest in reality shows, only internet-style.

 Hopefully the server will not overload and the camera will continue to document this very interesting segment of bear behavior.

There have been many cams documenting birds and their nests.
There is an active hummingbird cam right now in California. 

In the last few years, barn owls have provided 
an unique view of their behavior through cams in their nest boxes.

The baby owls have some fascinating actions
like swallowing whole, mice and rats as big as them, in a few mad gulps.
The owls will usually start their nesting in March and can be 
watched on Cornell's Nestcams site.

One of the new nest cams last year featured a 
chimney swift nest which is basically a few sticks
stuck together using saliva to the inside of a chimney or tower.
It is amazing to see how the babies grow in the tiny nest.

But birds are not as cuddly and hug-gable (figuratively) as a bear.
They just can't compete with the cuteness of a bear, let alone a tiny cub. 

Lily and her possible cubs could likely be one of the biggest
wildlife events on the internet to date.

Ahh, the wonders of the Internet. 
While a bear sleeps in her den outside of Ely, Minnesota,
thousands around the world view into her world from their desktops!

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