26 May 2014

Two Rare Birds in 5 Days

On May 21-23,
a Lazuli bunting appeared in Orono, MN

The Lazuli Bunting with an Indigo Bunting

A few days later.....

At dusk on May 25th, a Yellow-crowned Night Heron 
did a quick stop on the top of a dead tree.
Although common further south, this species is rare in MN 
and one of the first birds to be recorded this spring north of Missouri.

16 March 2014

Fall in the Lake Garden

 Even in late autumn, the Noerenberg Garden radiates warmth.

In November there is blue sky and water 
to contrast with the browns and bright yellows at the Garden.

Noerenberg's tamarack trees put on a late show of bright yellow 
before they drop their needles.
Tamaracks are both coniferous and deciduous trees 
but are not considered an evergreen.

Noerenberg ending another garden season in glory.